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Local Vhishing Alert

We continue to see attempts by scammers to collect debit card numbers and PINS (Personal Identification Numbers). Customers have received suspicious phone calls and text messages which report a problem with their debit cards. The message then directs customers to call a number, where an automated voice asks for their debit card numbers and PINs.

Please be advised that the message was not sent by Peoples Trust & Savings Bank, and is an attempt by scammers to compromise your account. Neither we, nor any reputable financial institution would contact you by phone, text message or e-mail and ask for your confidential information.

  • Never respond to a phone call, e-mail or text message which asks you to provide confidential information, such as an account number, credit or debit card number, credit card validation code (CVC), Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Social Security Number.
  • Never open an e-mail which seems suspicious. It may contain a virus or spyware for stealing passwords and account information, or have links to a fraudulent website.

If you suspect you have been victimized, please visit your nearest Peoples Bank branch immediately or call us at 812-897-0230 so we can take action to protect your account.