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Business Deposits

Order Checks OnlineWe Make Getting Started Simple.

At Peoples, we realize establishing a business checking account can be a small piece in a much larger puzzle.  Whether you are establishing a new business, transferring your account from another institution, or simply expanding, it often takes time for your new account to begin flowing on a regular transaction schedule.

That’s why Peoples will set up an Introductory Account for you that offers the flexibility you need.  There is no minimum balance, and you are allowed up to 700 transaction items per month for the first six months.

You can start your account for as little as $25!  At the end of the introductory period, we will contact you to discuss which of our business checking products will best suit your ongoing needs.

Peoples Small Business Account

Peoples Small Business Account has no minimum balance and offers up to 300 transaction items* per month at no cost.  This account is ideal for new businesses, non-profits and accounts with low to moderate activity.

Peoples Business Account

Peoples Business Account is designed for more active accounts that maintain balances of $7,500 or more on an ongoing basis.  This account allows up to 600 transaction items* per month at no cost!

Small Business Account

Business Account

Minimum Balance



Item* Limit



Usage Cost

$.25 per item* over 300

$.25 per item* over 600

Interest Bearing



Below Min. Bal. Fee



*Transaction items include: Checks written on the account; checks within each deposit; ACH transactions in and out of the account.

Peoples Business Analysis Account

Peoples Business Analysis Account is designed for accounts with moderate to substantial activity.  It allows you to offset item charges with an earnings credit — a credit for the balances maintained in your account.  There is no minimum balance requirement, and you can get started with a deposit as low as $25!

Peoples Business Analysis Account

Minimum Balance


Item* Limit


Usage Fees

$.10 per deposit (In person, ACH in, Electronic, etc.)

$.05 per local check deposited

$.06 per non-local check deposited

$.10 per debit to the account (In person, Check, ACH out,

Electronic, etc.)

Interest Bearing


Earnings Credit Rate

Assists in offsetting item costs listed above.

Variable; may change daily

Designed for:

High Volume Accounts

Executive Money Market Account

Peoples Executive Money Market Account is a way for your account to earn money market rates but has the flexibility of check-writing privileges.  Up to six checks may be written each month on this account!

Executive MMDA

Minimum Balance


Item Limit

Unlimited withdrawals in person;

6 checks/transfers**

Interest Bearing


Below Min. Balance Fee


**See account disclosures for full rules on item limits.